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Packages 2022 Staying more then three nights, please ask for tenders.

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The sauna

The suspension bridge and the church

"Pettercoffee" on the fire

A hike to the traditional summerhouses

Folkmusic in our garden

Rafting on the river

Enjoy at Dala-Floda Inn
In the summer there are plenty of activities in Dala-Floda or just relax and read a good book in the shade of the appletree in the beautiful garden, take a cup of coffee at the café or just find Your own place at the Inn.

Nearby there is a lake for swimming and a sauna. In the woods around there are paths and You can go for a nice hike to the “Fabod” at Flomountain or to “Kvarna” an old mill and buildings in wonderful nature. You can also visit a very nice organic farm were they sell vegetables and other organic food, a wool spinning factory among some of the sights worth seeing in the village.

There are three bridges in Dala-Floda, one of them is the longest wooden bridge in Sweden. The white water is really good here. If You like more adventures in the river "Far Away Adventure" or “Kajaktiv” is the place, a shop and business very specialized on kayaks, renting, courses etc. See link at the left.

Dalarna has a very pretty landscape with lots of traditional Swedish culture. Around the lake Siljan there are several nice towns, interesting destinations, which offers different kind of activities. See some links at the left

Summerweekend hiking to the Fabod Send inquiry/book
Come and stay with B & B at the Inn. For a sandwichlunch and wonderful coffebreak go to Hjortolars Kafé and for lunch and dinner go to Flokullornas Kök & Restaurang.

Festivals in Dala-Floda 2022
“Komidsommarfest”, July 3 to July 10, is a very special week with lots of cultural activities, nature-experiences and good music for everybody. This festival has an old tradition. In the old days, during the first months of the summer including Midsummer, all the young women were at the Fabod taking care of the cows. As they came back to the village a “Cow-Midsummer festival” were celebrated, about two weeks after Midsummer. We still celebrate this festival in Dala-Floda but nowhere else in Sweden.

"Hagenfesten”, will return in late July/beginning of August 2022. It is a unique festival of improvised, experimental and folk music, poetry, art, photo, dance, performance and homemade food. The organism of Hagenfesten comes alive through creative meetings. You as an audience or participator will hear, see, feel, smell and taste the vibrating pipe of original minds, flowing along with the river of Vasterdalalven”. Hagenfesten

"Dala-Floda Operafestival during the first week in August. A wonderful week with professionals and amateurs in different places in the village. For example a morning opera at the supermarket (for free), The Merry Widdow among lots of other performances. Dala-Floda Operafest

"Faebodtur" To hike or by horse or sitting on an old traditional van is a lovely activity in Dala-Floda. Go to wonderful places through villages and woods. Either by your self or with a local guide.

"Kayaking" There are great rapids were "Kajaktiv", the local company, arranges courses and has a nice shop with equipments for kajaking. You can either paddle in white water in the river or "stand up"-paddling at Flolake were its calm and peaceful.

"Floating-hike" along the old traditional way people used to carry the timber to the river, through the woods in smaller streams, canals etc. Go by yourself or with local guide.

"A day at the organic farm" were the family or group start with a nice breakfast in the old converted barn. A tour arround the farm seeing the sheeps, hens, peacocks and greenhouses among other things with a guide from the farm.

For more information: 0046-241-22050 or e-mail: info@dalafloda-vardshus.se